Kyuuten Japanese Akita Inu

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Wombwell & DCS 19th June 2016 :- Judge Sonya Saxby 

1st AVNSC Utility Puppy

Best AVNSC Puppy

Utility Puppy Group 1

Blackpool Champ Show 24th June 2016:- Judge Roy Baker

2nd Junior Bitch 

Qualifying for Crufts 2017

Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, Pretty white, attractive head, dips behind the withers, needs time

Windsor Champ show 4th July 2016:- Judge Chris Van De Burgt

2nd Junior Bitch

Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji,  6 month old white, extremely pretty head and oriental, ears a tad upright, nice dark eye and plenty of coat, good tail and plume, nice cat feet, moved very well when settled.

Leeds Champ Show 23rd July 2016:- Judge Christine Hughes  

2nd Puppy Bitch

Welsh Kennel Club 19th August 2016:- Judge Erin Patterson

2nd Puppy Bitch/Dog
Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, needs to tighten up right through, but is well made in body. Good quarters used well on the move. 

Darlington Champ Show 16th September 2016:- Judge Brenda Banbury 

1st Puppy Bitch

 Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, young puppy, who has a good front, topline & well curled tail. Coat developing well. ears need time.

Belfast Champ Show 25th september 2016:- Judge Liz Dunhill

3rd Puppy Bitch/Dog

South Wales champ Show 9th October 2016:- Judge Nicola Duffield

Reserve Junior Bitch/Dog

Buba Champ Show 3rd December 2016:- Judge  Rob Mcleod

1st Bitch Puppy

Best Puppy in Breed

Cook and Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, white, good make and shape. Pleasing wedge head,good almond shaped eye, good bite. Nice legs and tidy feet. Nice neck and good body and rib for age. In nice coat, high set tail. Nice quarters. Held herself well in profile and moved true fore and aft.

Japanese Akita Inu Club Open Show 3rd December 2016:- Judge Mike Windows

1st puppy Bitch

Best Puppy Bitch In Show

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Darlington Open Show 4th February 2017:- Judge Maureen Thompson

1st Open 

Best Of Breed

Matlock Open Show 19th February 2017:-  Judge Jacqueline Hodkinson

2nd Junior 
Reserve Best of Breed
 Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji RBOB one month younger than the class winner, not showing the precise angles of the winner but well balanced, good head, dark eye that I would like a tad smaller and with more angle to the set, nice ear and beautiful tail. The gait was satisfactory

Crufts 10th March 2017:-  Judge Sheena O'Neill Clarke

1st Junior Bitch

Cook & Grundy's  Kyuutens Youji Namekuji. Very pleasing white 15 months, good pigment, neat ears with dark eyes. Good front and tailset nice body topline held on the move, nice tight feet, moved out well when she concentrated on what she was doing!

National Dog Show 7th May 2017:- Judge  Irene Hasell

1st junior Bitch

Blackpool Champ Show 23rd June 2017:- Judge Irene Rushfirth

1st Post Grad Bitch 
Best Bitch 
Best opposite Sex
  Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji. Nothing was taken away from this bitch, sanding alone in the ring, white of good size, head viewed from front appears rounded, well developed cheeks with a broad flat skull, thick triangular ears set well apart, carried forward. Forechest well developed with well boned straight forelegs,deep chest, moderate spring of rib with a defined tuck up. Rear angulation correct, which showed when she moved around the ring. In full bloom. Moved and handled well.