Kyuuten Japanese Akita Inu

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Keshisuki's End of the Road for Kyuuten

Eris join us from Keshisuki's kennel in 2013,  She is a stunning red  bitch out of Wendbarry Cherry Blossom at Keshisuki x  F'Tycon Hattori Hanzo Of Neko-Ken (Imp France). 

She is a super laid back girl and a dream to live with. She has super structure, bone and movement, a lovely sweet expression and a fantastic coat. 

Eris hit the show ring in September 2013 and we were delighted with her results, she was placed nearly every time she has been out so far with Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Best Bitch, Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex at Championship level and a number of Best Puppy in Breed, Best of Breeds, Puppy Group and Adult Group placings at open show level.  

Eris is now retired from our breeding program due to developing pyometra. She will remain here as a much loved pet. 

Eris Show Results

White Rose Canine Society Open Show  5th October 2013 :- Judge Rob Mcleod

2nd AVNSC Utility Puppy

Midlands Counties Canine Society 26th October 2013 :- Judge Peter Jolley

3rd AVNSC Utility Puppy Bitch. Qualifying her crufts at her first champ show.

The Nordic Open Show 23rd November 2013   :- Judge Irene Hassell

1st Puppy

Best Puppy In Breed

Keshisuki's End of the road for Kyuuten, 8 months bitch, r/w, well grown & moved well on this trying floor. Head needs to develop. Good ear placement, nice dark eye, well placed shoulders, good topline, sound hindquarters. Just a pup still but with potential. 

Sedgley and Gornal Open Show 24th November 2013 :- Judge Nicola Duffield

3rd junior

Otley Canine Society Open Show 1st Decemeber 2013:- Judge Roy Baker

1st AVNSC Utility Puppy

Best AVNSC Utility Puppy

Puppy Group 2

Boston and District canine society 11th January 2014 :- Judge Frank Wildman
2nd AVNSC Utility Puppy Bitch

Manchester Championship Show 17th January 2014 :- Judge Mr C D Thomas

2nd Junior Bitch/Dog

Reserve Best Bitch

Best Puppy In Breed

A cracking puppy with a most attractive head which is well proportioned. Thick triangular ears, well set and correctly carried. Good crest to the neck into a good shoulder and plenty of bone down to nice tight feet of correct shape. Good body length and correct moderately angulated hindquarter

Pontefract Open Show 9th February 2014  :- Judge Miss H Howard

Reserve AVNSC Utility Junior 

Matlock Open Show 16th February 2014 :- Judge Lisa Pearson

1st Junior

Best Puppy in Breed

11 month old bitch. Feminine but true to standard. Broad flat skull, thick ears, inclined forward, set wide over well developed cheeks, dark eyes and firm muzzle. Straight front with width of forechest. Good topline, nice depth of brisket and tuck up. Good length to height. Firm rear which gave her the edge when on the move. Coat in good condition, displaying Urajiro markings. A strong curled tail. Tight, well padded feet.

Crufts 8th march 2014 :-Judge Mac shutt

VHC Special Junior Bitch

Retford & DCS 23rd March 2014 :- Judge Karyn Fowkes

1st Junior 

Just over 12 months old, shaded red bitch of good size, well covered, pretty head, correct bite, dark eye, good dark pigment, forward inclined ears, nice crest of neck, front assembly of good construction, straight front legs when viewed from front and side, level topline held on the move, leading into a fully curled thick tail, well set on to balance her head. Coat texture and length correct as is her urajiro markings. Rear assembly of good angulation. Nice profile movement with moderate length of stride. Very calm and settled.

Mansfield & DCS 12th April 2014 :-Judge Andi Horwood

1st Post Graduate

Best Of Breed

13 month old red bitch in full coat. Decent sized bitch with correct skull to muzzle proportions. Would like more stop & better colour in facial features. Good pigment & eye shape of good colour and shape. Ears are well placed & carried but too long. Good height to length  proportions with well placed tail to balance her head, needs to tighten in front movement with a tendency to flick from the pastern. nice side gait and rear action.

Otley Canine Society Open Show 13th April 2014 :- Judge John B Steele

2nd Post Graduate AVNSC Utility. 

White Rose Canine Society Open Show 3rd May 2014 :- Judge Irene Rushfirth

1st Post Graduate AVNSC Utility 

Best AVNSC Utility

Utility Group 2

National Dog Show 8th May 2014 :- Judge Roy Baker

1st Junior Bitch/Dog (Qualifying for Crufts 2015) 

Best Bitch

Best Opposite Sex 

Cook & Grundy’s KESHISUKI’S END OF THE ROAD FOR KYUUTEN, attractive balanced bitch, correct markings, well placed hooded ears, dark oblique eyes giving required expression, good h/l ratio, tail placed & carried well, skillfully handled to achieve harmonious fluent action, BB.

Bath Champ Show 26th May 2014:- Judge Sarah Hattrell

1st Junior Bitch.

Cook & Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, well balanced bitch with lots to like, appealed in head with small thick ears inclined forwards, nice crest to neck, firm topline, straight front with close elbows, deep chest, strong quarters, high set tail well curled, not in her best coat but moved & showed really well displaying excellent temperament.

Leeds Champ Show 27th July 2014:- Judge Karen Jones
1st Limit Bitch
Cook & Grundy's Keshisuki's End of the Road for Kyuuten. 2 year old red bitch, nice head with good eye shape and pigment, making a nice Oriental expression, thick well set ears, Moderate front and rear angulation, good tail set. She was very well presented and handled so well. Boy can this girl move, her handler brings out the best in her and they work very well together. “A great team.
Scunthrope Open Show 16th August 2014:- Judge  Hilary Norbury

2nd Junior AVNSC Utility

Wath and west Melton open show 23rd August 2014:- Judge Keith Storey

2nd Junior AVNSC Utility

Japanese Akita Inu Club Open Show 31st August 2014:- Judge  Angelika Kammerscheid-Lammers .

1st Yearling Bitch

Cook's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, very good type, correct ears, eyes, muzzle & scissor bite I would like a bit more stop, correct neckline, body strong, stands good in front & behind, when moving she was a bit slack in the metacarpus. Red coat, would prefer less black hairs, gentle character.

3rd Special Yearling Award:- Judge chris Crockett

City of Birmingham Champ Show 31st August 2014:- Judge Jane Lilley

1st Junior Bitch 

Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, most attractive & feminine head with lovely dark expressive eyes. She scored on confidence & balance. So good for make & shape with good body & shoulders  with deep chest. A steady mover, who went well. 

Darlington Champ Show 12th September 2014:- Judge Roberta Wright

1st Junior Bitch

Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, Well presented & shown this 18 month old was of good type with pleasing overall balance moved out well. 

Driffield Champ Show 21st September 2014:- Judge Nev Newton

2nd Junior Bitch AVNSC Utility & Toy 

Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten. Japanese Akita> True to type, lovely expressive head and good bone, in good coat, moved a little close behind.

Bridgeford & DCS Open Show 28th September 2014:- Judge Megan Rayner

2nd Post Graduate

Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, lovely feminine outline with nice urajiro markings. Nice stand-off coat & well developed forechest. Unfortunately  this bitch didn't take the class for me because personally I would have preferred her to have a more moderate & consistent stride on the move.

Nordic Open Show 22nd November 2014:- Judge Tim Ball

1st Open Bitch

Best of Breed

Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, I was presented with two very different types in this class. The winner was this 19 month old red fawn. Overall she was a pleasing type & she was so good in outline, having excellent balance with strong neck, level topline, high set tail & nice length of leg. Well proportioned head with dark almond shaped eyes, expression  spoilt a tad by large than desired ear. She is built soundly throughout having good angles both front & rear  & she didn't disappoint on the move which is where she scored in the challenge 

Buba Champ Show 6th December 2014:- Judge Irene Richie 

3rd Limit Bitch 

Manchester Champ Show 16th January 2015:- Judge Mr S Sinko

2nd Post Grad Bitch

Pontefract Open Show 1st February 2015:- Judge Rob McLeod
3rd Post Grad

Darlington Open Show 7th February 2015:- Judge Jackie mavroy-michaelis

1st Open

Best Of Breed

Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, Beautiful 23 month old well-balanced sturdy bitch in lovely condition. Thich, straight harsh coat. Correct triangular shaped head with broad skull. Straight muzzle with good depth and correct bite. Dark almond shaped eyes and correct ear set.  Thick muscular neck slightly arched leading to well developed body with lovely deep chest and tuck up.  sufficient spring of rib.  Nice straight front and hindquarters. Tight catlike feet, well-knuckled. tail set high and carried well at all times. Moved round the ring lightly and fluidly.  

Matlock Open Show 15th February 2015:- Judge S Dawes

2nd Post Graduate

BUBA Open Show 21st March 2015:- Judge Kerry Jelfs
3rd Post Graduate

Retford Open Show 22nd March 2015:- Judge Robert Hitchcock

3rd Open

National Dog Show 8th May 2015:- Judge Derek Smith
Reserve Open Bitch

Honley Agricultural Show 13th June 2015:- Judge Amanda Smirthwaite
1st Open AVNSC Utility
Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten ,  Jap Akita Inu, B, large and well balanced, triangular ears, dark eyes broad skull, dark black nose, complete scissor bite, feet arched with tight thick pads, high set tail curled over back, moved rhythmically.

Cheshire County Show 24th June 2015:- Judge Mark Cocozza
2nd Post Graduate

Goosnaugh & Longridge Agricultural Show 11th July 2015:-Judge Sheena O'Neill Clarke

1st Post Grad AVNSC Utility 

Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten. (Japanese Akita Inu ) R/W bitch, well off for bone and substance, nice head, correct thick set on ears, good eye, nice front, and just enough rear angulation, good rear, held topline on the move, moved out well 

Frenchville Open Show 16th July 2015:- Judge Mr S  Harrison-Stratford

2nd Post graduate Avnsc Utility

Wombwell & DCS Open Show 18th July 2015:- Judge Vic Salt
2nd Post Graduate AVNSC Utility

Harrogate & DCS Open Show 19th July 2015:- Judge Maggi Byrant

1st Post Graduate AVNSC Utility


Group 3

Cook and Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, Akita, very nice bitch, correct feminine head with a true expression, well balanced throughout, good front, spring of rib & strong backend, in good jacket & well handled, she was able to use the small ring well but came into her own in the group ring which was bigger, lovely free flowing movement was pleased to make her BNSC much to the delight of her owner. 

Leeds Championship Show 24th July 2015:- Judge Tim Ball

Reserve Limit Bitch

Pudsey Open Show 16th August 2015:- Judge Grant Carter

1st Post Grad

Best Of Breed

Darlington Championship Show 18th September 2015:- Judge Alan Wilkinson
2nd Open Bitch (Quailfying for Crufts 2016)
Cook & Grundy Keshisuki's End of the Road for Kyuuten. Red & white bitch 2 and a half years old well matured, heavier coat than some with some black tipping. Pleasing head, good angulation front and rear, nice tight curled tail. Moved well.

Belfast Champ Show 27th september 2015:- Judge  MR O NOONAN [IRE]

3rd open Bitch

Pudsey Open Show 12th June 2016:- Judge Andrew Clark-Maclean

1st Open

Best Of Breed

Group 2 - Judge Tony Fleetwood

Wombwell & DCS 19th June 2016 :- Judge Sonya Saxby 

1st Open

Blackpool Champ Show 24th June 2016:- Judge Roy Baker

3rd Open Bitch 

Qualifying for Crufts 2017

Windsor Champ show 4th July 2016:- Judge Chris Van De Burgt

Reserve Open Bitch 

Welsh Kennel Club 19th August 2016:- Judge Erin Patterson

1st Bitch Open 

Cook & Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, very well put together & the best mover in this class. Liked her head & expression, pigment & earset. 

BUBA Champ Show 3rd December 2016:- Judge Rob Mcleod

1st Open Bitch

Cook & Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, good balance. Nice head, deep chest, in good body & coat. Sound movement & fair profile. 

Japanese Akita Inu Club Open Show 3rd December 2016:- Judge Mike Windows

1st Open Bitch

Darlington Open Show 4th February 2017:- Judge Maureen Thompson

3rd Open

Matlock Open Show 19th February 2017:- Judge  Jacqueline Hodkinson

1st Open 

Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, pleasing profile, balance fore & aft, a little overweight but was still moving well although it did distract from her overall appearance. Tail is correct & head is a delight such a steady calm expression.  

Crufts 10th March 2017:-  Judge Sheena O'Neill Clarke

1st Good Citizen Bitch 

Cook & Grundy's Keshisuki's End Of The Road For Kyuuten, lovely big girl, nice head & eye with good earset, good pigment, well off for bone, nice front, good feet, just a little loose on the rear.