Kyuuten Japanese Akita Inu

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Snail now known as xander is from our first litter and full brother to Luna, he is a stunning red brindle boy who is now in partnership with Kirsty Paterson of  Miwaku  Akitas.  Xander's already shown himself to be a bit of a show off with taking best in match at his first ever match night at just 11 weeks old. 

Just like his sister Xander qualified for Crufts at his first champ show. We cant wait to see this stunning boy mature. 

Xander at 7 months 

Pedigree of Kyuuten's Osanago Suraggu
Kyuuten's Osanago SuragguI'Jaidev's Shogun Of KaerizakiToshi Tora Go Miyagi Kozaki KenshaRyuuhou Go Zenposha
Kiyotorame Go Miyagi Kozaki Kensha
E'Tenshee Go Of Dan' JourdainB'Tenzan Go Of Kamino Ken
C'Pency Go Of Dan' Jourdain
Keshisuki's End Of The Road For KyuutenF'Tycon Hattori Hanzo Of Neko-KenB'ryoken Of Neko Ken
V'eien Yuki Of Neko Ken
Wendbarry Cherry Blossom At KeshisukiKaidou Go Shirai
Tycon Been There Done That
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