Kyuuten Japanese Akita Inu

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Rainbow Bridge

This page is dedicated to the wonderful dogs that have touched our hearts and been a huge part of our lives but who are no longer with us.

Akakuro No Hachi Romaru Go aka Mars

Mars was our first Japanese Akita Inu and joined our family in November 2006, he was and will always be Rachel's soul dog. He was a lovely red male who developed a number of issues including health and temperament problems. 

While we tried hard to solve these issues it became apparent that as Mars grew older his problems were only getting worse, so in April 2008 we took the heartbreaking decision to send him to the bridge. 


Venus named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty was our first Akita, a solid red bitch of undetermined pedigree. She had a typical Akita temperament aloof, intelligent and stubborn. She was  fantastic with both adults and children alike.

We lost Venus on the 23rd October 2015 due to old age, she is a dog we will never really get over. Run Free Baby Girl