Kyuuten Japanese Akita Inu

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Wombwell & DCS 19th June 2016 :- Judge Sonya Saxby 

1st AVNSC Utility Puppy

Best AVNSC Puppy

Utility Puppy Group 1

Blackpool Champ Show 24th June 2016:- Judge Roy Baker

2nd Junior Bitch 

Qualifying for Crufts 2017

Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, Pretty white, attractive head, dips behind the withers, needs time

Windsor Champ show 4th July 2016:- Judge Chris Van De Burgt

2nd Junior Bitch

Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji,  6 month old white, extremely pretty head and oriental, ears a tad upright, nice dark eye and plenty of coat, good tail and plume, nice cat feet, moved very well when settled.

Leeds Champ Show 23rd July 2016:- Judge Christine Hughes  

2nd Puppy Bitch

Welsh Kennel Club 19th August 2016:- Judge Erin Patterson

2nd Puppy Bitch/Dog
Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, needs to tighten up right through, but is well made in body. Good quarters used well on the move. 

Darlington Champ Show 16th September 2016:- Judge Brenda Banbury 

1st Puppy Bitch

Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, young puppy, who has a good front, topline & well curled tail. Coat developing well. ears need time.

Belfast Champ Show 25th september 2016:- Judge Liz Dunhill

3rd Puppy Bitch/Dog

South Wales champ Show 9th October 2016:- Judge Nicola Duffield

Reserve Junior Bitch/Dog

Buba Champ Show 3rd December 2016:- Judge  Rob Mcleod

1st Bitch Puppy

Best Puppy in Breed

Cook and Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji, white, good make and shape. Pleasing wedge head,good almond shaped eye, good bite. Nice legs and tidy feet. Nice neck and good body and rib for age. In nice coat, high set tail. Nice quarters. Held herself well in profile and moved true fore and aft.

Japanese Akita Inu Club Open Show 3rd December 2016:- Judge Mike Windows

1st puppy Bitch

Best Puppy Bitch In Show

Reserve Best Puppy In Show

Darlington Open Show 4th February 2017:- Judge Maureen Thompson

1st Open 

Best Of Breed

14 month white female. Composed general appearance. correct height to length proportions. Head and tail balanced in side profile. Daek brown eyes, dark pigment to rims and lips. Flat skull, defined stop, straight muzzle, correct bite, cheeks developing. Moderate length of neck. Fore legs well boned and straight. Feet could be tighter. Back level moderate spring of rib, fore chest developing, defined tuck up, broad loin area. Tail of good length and curl, could be higher set. Coat of correct texture, stand off and straight hair. Side gait showed moderate stride and resilient action. Handled well to win Best Of Breed today. 

Matlock Open Show 19th February 2017:-  Judge Jacqueline Hodkinson

2nd Junior 
Reserve Best of Breed
Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji RBOB one month younger than the class winner, not showing the precise angles of the winner but well balanced, good head, dark eye that I would like a tad smaller and with more angle to the set, nice ear and beautiful tail. The gait was satisfactory

Crufts 10th March 2017:-  Judge Sheena O'Neill Clarke

1st Junior Bitch

Cook & Grundy's  Kyuutens Youji Namekuji. Very pleasing white 15 months, good pigment, neat ears with dark eyes. Good front and tailset nice body topline held on the move, nice tight feet, moved out well when she concentrated on what she was doing!

National Dog Show 7th May 2017:- Judge  Irene Hasell

1st junior Bitch

Blackpool Champ Show 23rd June 2017:- Judge Irene Rushfirth

1st Post Grad Bitch 
Best Bitch 
Best opposite Sex
Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji. Nothing was taken away from this bitch, standing alone in the ring, white of good size, head viewed from front appears rounded, well developed cheeks with a broad flat skull, thick triangular ears set well apart, carried forward. Forechest well developed with well boned straight forelegs,deep chest, moderate spring of rib with a defined tuck up. Rear angulation correct, which showed when she moved around the ring. In full bloom. Moved and handled well.

Sedgefield Open show 12th August 2017:- Judge Joe Smith

1st  Grad

Cook and Grundy's Kyuutens Youji NameKuji. 19 month old white bitch. Lovely head and eye, soundly made body and correct tailset. In full coat and looking very glamorous. Showed and moved very well. 

City Of Birmingham Champ Show  3rd September 2017:- Judge Albert Wight

2nd Post Grad Bitch 

Cook and Grundy's Kyuutens Youji NameKuji. this white dog was just a tad plain in expression for me. Perhaps more stop definition would have aided him? His topline rises a bit, lovely forechest and the straightest of forelimbs. i would like more width in thigh and he could have settled a bit more on the move. In excellent coat.

Japanese Akita Inu Club Open Show 3rd September  2017:- Judge Tracy Morgan

1st Yearling

1 Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji. White lass with, dark eye of correct size, shape and set, arched neck lacking coat, and needing to develop more in front, moderate angles and tight feet with adequate bone. High set tightly carried tail she moved ok coming and going, was better in sidegait but desperately needed her jacket to fill the eye more and dress her outline.

1st  Special Yearling Award:- Judge Ashlie Pike

1 Cook and Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji. 21 month old white bitch. What I would describe as an honest bitch. Lovely balance between both head and tail. Although acceptable, I would personally prefer black pigmentation on the nose. However, her expression is not unpleasant, and should continue to improve with age. Ears are a little big and pointed, but again, this will improve with maturity. Lovely correct scissor bite. Full tail, tightly curled sitting high upon a straight topline. Small cat like feet. Correct proportions and conformation which is only highlighted further when moving. This bitch's movement made her the winner of this class hands down. Incredibly well presented.

South Wales Champ Show 7th October 2017:- Judge Alan Wilkinson 

1st Post Grad Bitch 

Best Bitch 

Best Opposite Sex

1 Cook & Grundy's Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji. 22 months, in full coat, white with hints of biscuit on the ears. Well developed head with good small well set ears, nice small eyes of good shape, good dentition. Correct moderate angulation, good high tail set and nice curl to tail. Moved well.  Best Bitch.

Buba Champ Show 2nd December 2017:- Judge Don Jackson

1st Post Grad Bitch 

Reserve Best Bitch 

1 Kyuutens Youji Namekuji. Another very nice bitch, well balanced outline, dark eyes and well placed ears, her bite is good and so are her cheeks with a thick neck of correct arch, she holds herself proud, angles front and rear are correct, she has a body which is firm and has a strong loin, she moves with a purpose and ease, well handled.

Japanese Akita Inu Club Open Show 2nd  December  2017:- Judge Dave Killilea

1st Yearling Bitch

1 Cook & Grundy Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji. 23 month old white, making a nice shape and outline. Stands true in front with good bone and nice feet. Firm in the neck with a pleasing head and correct expression. Neat ears and dark eye with a correct bite and excellent cheek. Nice top-line and tail-set, good depth of body and lovely coat. Stands true and sound in the rear and moves out well when viewed from all angles. 

Edwinstowe & DCS Open show 30th March 2018:- Judge Kevin Young 

1st Post grad 
Reserve Best Of Breed
Attractive bitch that caught my eye as she entered the ring for her breed type. nice broad and flat skull which is well balanced. Liked her expression. She has good front angulation and length of body. Would have preferred more strength in the hindquarter

Scottish Kennel club 19th May 2018:- Judge Mike Gilchrist

1st Post Grad Bitch/Dog 

Best Bitch 

Best Opposite Sex 

1 Cook & Grundy Kyuuten's Youji Namekuji.

Lovely well-constructed bitch, with good head on her, nice set to the ears, good eye in both colour and set and pigment which befits her colour.  Excellent neck and shoulders, good strong topline, and correct rear construction. this most definitely contributed to her excellent movement which allowed her to cover ground with ease, without over reaching and was steady and rhythmic. she always stood correctly, almost loud and proud with that "I dare you to pass me" By expression BB

Blackpool Champ Show 22nd June 2018 :- Judge Arlene Clure

Reserve Post Grad Bitch 

Windsor Champ Show 29th June 2018:- Judge Cherry Wilkinson

1st Post grad Bitch

Attractive 2 year old white female with good pigment for her colour. Good head and expression. Lovely side profile with super body and well set tail. Good at front and rear with correct angulation. nicely presented and handled.

Welsh Kennel Champ Show 19th August 2018:- Judge Tom Johnson

1st Post Grad Bitch/Dog

Best Bitch 

Best opposite Sex

Liked the balance, shape and type. Balanced head with good ears. Straight front, good rib and rear angulation. Moved well and in good coat and condition

Japanese Akita Inu club open Show 2nd September 2018:- Judge  Jeff Luscott

1st Post Grad Bitch

White girl of lovely type with the broad head, good ear set and strong muzzle, she’s good through front and rear angles, good body, going well on the move to take the class. 

City Of Birmingham Champ Show 2nd September 2018:- Judge Chris Thomas 

1st Post Grad Bitch 

Best Bitch

Best opposite Sex

White bitch , with good muzzle to head ratio. Dark almond shaped eyes, with small well set ears, giving a perfect Akita Inu expression. Correct front assembly and tight feet. Level topline. Correct tuck up. Moderate rear angulation. Moderate length of rear pastern. She exhibts just the correct amount of substance and bone - an attribute needed, but sometimes lacking in our breed. Well set tail. Moved well, A well deserved BEST BITCH

Pollard Open Show 30th September 2018:- Judge Mrs H Hutchings Brooks

1st Open 


Lovely type, good size and shape, good topline, nice neck and head. Good dark eye, good ear set, well angulated front and rear.  Very good coming and going BOB

South wales Kennel Club Champ Show 7th October 2018:- Judge Mrs Karyn Fowkes

1st Post Grad Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

Midlands Counties Champ Show 25th October 2018:- Judge Adrian Bicknell

1st Post Grad Bitch 

Reserve Best Bitch 

Correct head with well pronounced cheeks. Good bite and eye, correct ear set and carriage. Well developed neck leading to well placed shopulders. Good straight front with well developed forechest. Good rib and straight strong topline. Correct rear angulation and well muscled. Moved well with good reach and drive. RBB 

Manchester Champ Show 17th January 2019:- Judge Hazel Fitzgibbon

2nd Post Grad Dog/Bitch 

A classy white with associated pigment. Good overall proportions. Excellent body. Excellent head shape and eyes. Good legs used well on the move.


Av Rare Breeds Working and Utility : Judge Richard Kinsey

1st Limit Bitch/Dog 

Reserve Best Bitch 

 3 year old Akita Inu. Good head shape with well filled cheeks and mid brown almond eyes. Balanced front and rear angulation giving an easy stride to cover the ground cleanly and soundly. 

Darlington Open Show 2nd February 2019:- Judge Paul Carpenter

1st Open

Best Of Breed

Balance head with a good expression good front and good bone and body, muscle tone moved with drive.

Crufts 10th March 2019:- Judge Tim Ball

1st Post Grad Bitch 

Nice class which with the winner being this 3 year old white. She was good to go over given her correct construction and presented such a well balanced outline. Moderate length of neck, super topline, excellent ribbing, good depth to brisket, broad muscular loin and tightly curled tail set on high. Head of correct proportions with good breadth of skull, dark expressive eye, ears of correct set, defined stop, well developed cheeks, good depth to muzzle and correct dentition. Moderate angles both front and rear, elbows held close to the chest, straight forelegs, good feet and well muscled hindquarters with well let down hocks. Moving out with moderate length of stride and nice and true on the down and back. Well handled

Japanese Akita Inu Club Open Show 7th April 2019:- Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter

1st Limit Bitch

Best Bitch 

Best In Show

3 years, I loved this bitch, so very feminine with such excellent breed type, mature and full of quality, excellent head and expression. Construction correct all through with good moderate angulation, firm topline, correct tail set and good feet. Shown in top condition, her movement was sound all ways. I was pleased to award her Best Bitch and BEST IN SHOW.

1st Special Open Bitch Award:- Judge Vanessa Logan 

Kyuutens Youji Name Kuji, owed by Mrs & Mr Cook & Grundy, clear white bitch with peach tipped ears, stunning an famine in every way, stands four square, good bone, nice feet, well set tail balanced to a stunning shaped head, very oriental eye shape set, stop correct, correct bite, good lay of shoulder, moderate tuck up, matured nicely with good movement front and back, a all round well balanced bitch. 

Bath Champ show 26th May 2019:-   Judge Chris Van De Burgt

1st Limit Bitch 

Best Bitch 

Best Of Breed

3 yrs 6 mths, brilliant clear white with no yellowing. I judged her as a puppy and it was lovely to see her matured into a stunning example of the breed. Not overdone in any way. Extremely well balanced with beautiful head and eye – giving the desired expression. Level topline, good deep ribcage, broad straight front, excellent underline and tuck up. Tail held well and although she was not in full coat, she still had a very good plume. She moved soundly and I was delighted to award her a very deserving Best In Breed 

Three Counties Champ Show 8th June 2019:- Judge Claire Andrew

1st Open Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

RBB. A three year old white girl of lovely size, her head is very attractive with a lovely expression, would prefer a slightly smaller ear, she has balanced moderate angulation and good profile movement.

Windsor Champ Show 28th June 2019:- Judge Mark James

3rd Limit Bitch

Leeds Champ Show 27th June 2019:- Judge Jill Peake

3rd Open Bitch

Wombwell Open Show 4th August 2019:- Judge Dave Killilea

2nd Open

Sedgefield Open Show 10th August 2019:- Judge Sally Pointon 

2nd open

Close up, feminine well-balanced and in fine coat and condition, pleasing head proportions, well set and carried ears, sound well knit frame, well set and carried tail neat feet, another sound rhythmic mover

Welsh Kennel Club 18th August 2019 :- Judge Dave Killilea  

2nd Open Bitch
3 and a half year old white bitch with a quality head-piece. Neat ears, good eye shape and colour and nice pigment. Good arch of neck and correct in shoulder, stands true in front with good feet and bone and nice body shape. Good tail-set and carriage, firm through the rear and nice and sound on the move. Turned out in lovely coat.

City of Birmingham Champ Show 1st September 2019 :- Judge Dr R W James

2nd Open Bitch

Darlington Champ Show 13th September 2019 :- Judge Helen Burke

2nd Open Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

White girl with good oriental expression.  Nice small ears well set on.  Good clear eyes. Level topline leading to well set tail.  Good body shape and proportions.  Nice overall type of girl. Just a little long in pastern.  Moved well RBB